replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126711 watches

If you like authentic tool watches, you may be very happy with replica Rolex watches this year. With the eye-catching Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi Cola” 126710 BLRO Steel unveiled all the hype, you may miss it, the company also has two other Master GMT II models launched at the Basel Watch Fair. Both models use the company’s 18-carat gold Everose – the first time it was used in this field – both of which led to a rather peculiar model from the 1960s, affectionately known as “root beer” GMT’s mind. At Greenwich Type II 126711 CHNR – – Today we have two tone / Rolesor versions go hand in hand to see how it is a legendary predecessor match.

Rolex was completely different from today 60 years ago. Of course, the focus is still on making the best high-capacity mechanical watches on the market, but at the time there seemed to be more room to try new things. So we came to the first two-color copy Rolex watches  with a brown dial. That’s right, brown, probably the least visible color. The GMT Master 16753 was released around 1963. This is the first time to offer two shades (steel and gold) in the popular replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126711 watches Pilot watch. Previously, it only offered all stainless steel or all gold. These new models have a black or brown dial and were later called the “Root Beer” GMT.

The reason for this nickname is very obvious – especially considering the preference for Fake Rolex models after various soft drinks (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc.). The brown and gold bezel reminds people of this drink, and that’s it. However, Root Beer is not the only nickname for this clock. It is sometimes referred to as the tiger’s eye (or two eyes in the tiger), because the color of the dial is reminiscent of the chatoyant gemstone which is usually a golden reddish-brown and silky luster. More notable is the nickname “nipple dial”, which refers to the distinctive golden nipple hour mark, which decorates the dial of the early GMT master 16753 (like the picture below).

After all, this watch is known for its different nicknames and may indeed bring this incredible niche model to the map; “Clint Eastwood”. The reason is obvious. The GMT Master 1675 is clearly the favorite model of the famous actor Rolex, he often wears it at least in three of his films: Firefox in 1982, the rope was brought in 1984, in the line awarded the fire in 1993, This is not the same celebrity as Paul Newman Daytona said, caching into the model, but it’s still a good trivia, and another solution to the retro example
As I mentioned before, replica Rolex watches launched two new GMTs this year, including the company’s own 18% Everose Gold. . The casing of the Greenwich Type II No. 126715 CHNR is entirely made of Everose’s Greenwich Type II 126711 CHNR – we are considering it here – the two colors are (Everose Rolesor). The latter may be more similar to the original Root Beer GMT, but with some notable differences, and of course some impressive technological advances.

From a technical point of view, Greenwich Type II 126711 CHNR offers many of the same updated specifications of  replica Rolex watches GMT Master II “Pepsi Cola” 126710 BLRO, which we are here to tell you. However, (because the silver enamel bracelet requires a different method, this is just done), this does not include a slightly modified 40 mm enamel case, with a thinner, more tapered method and an easily renewed body band. In contrast, the 126711 CHNR has the same situation as the previous GMT Master II, just like the Batman BLNR. However, unlike the Pepsi version, the Everose model is worn on a solid-state link Oyster bracelet. In the case of the Rolesor version, this means that it is made in a polished 18-carat gold Everose intermediate section, while the outer link satin and polished edges are made of stainless steel. The bracelet is closed with a shackle buckle and comes from the Rolex Easy 5mm Comfort Extension System – one of the best bracelet/buckle combinations on the market. This watch is shown on a black dial – unfortunately there is no brown dial – with 18ct red gold hands and markers, reminiscent of the gold-plated dials of those days. The 3 o’clock is the date display of the known Cyclopes. What is really appealing is of course the CERACHROM rose gold, which is cast in two-color black and brown with a PVD layer.

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